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Awareness and Education for Development

children’s dance in a developing country

In order to help reduce the imbalance which exists between Developed and Developing Countries, it is necessary to change how the reality of Developing countries and the causes behind such inequality are perceived in the Developed world.

The action taken in this line of work is aimed at the population in general and/or specific groups in the city, and the objective is to raise awareness about and educate people in aspects related to conditions in the Developing world, the causes behind these conditions and the efforts being made by local communities to overcome them, thereby promoting among the population of Pamplona-Iruña a committed attitude, based on solidarity, to fairer, more egalitarian relationships between the Developed and the Developing worlds.

This takes the form of co-funding a range of information and educational initiatives, managed via an annual Invitation to apply for subventions for and Collaboration agreements with active NGDO groups in the city. 10% of the Municipal Development Cooperation budget is given over to this purpose.

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